So Close

Kitchen Reno  ::  2017

Our new kitchen is in the middle of the house, making the old kitchen still usable during renovation.  Almost everything is done, we’re ready for living in more than 2 rooms.

Lights and valence lighting are all LED, cabinets are sprayed with waterborne lacquer.  Counter tops are being made, hopefully ready by Christmas.


Strike The Pose

New Home Show Display  ::  2016

Day job at needed a new home show display, and the wood shop stepped up!  We had some fun with this & Darryl’s design worked out well.  He says the water feature brings the kids in, then we sell to the parents.

The Can Can

Pantry Pull-out  ::  2016

Breathed new life into existing cabinetry with some pantry pull-out boxes.  Originally a broom / utility unit, I put plywood gables inside the existing box structure.  Now the side mount slide screws are going into plywood, instead of the existing particle board gables.

The boxes are quite strong, made of baltic birch and a stainless steel top rail.  Slides are 100 lb rated Lee Valley side mounts, matching the rest of the kitchen.  They are all sprayed with Sherwin Williams Kem Aqua waterborne lacquer – this top coat lasts and has great wear-ability and is seriously stain resistant.

Although it is not my preference to put drawer boxes behind a hinged door, I had to use the existing cabinetry.  Making this unit with drawer fronts would have meant respraying the entire kitchens doors and drawer fronts.

Suck It Up

Thien separator  ::  2015

My first attempt at a thien separator.  This allows the main bulk of vacuum debris to collect in the bottom of the bucket, keeping the air filter cleaner.

A number of designs are available on YouTube,  this one is pieced together from a few places.

I needed an old bucket, offcuts, on-sale vacuum, left over bits-and-pieces.  The finished unit is vacuum & bucket combined into one piece.  The vacuum works well & has suction for much longer than usual.  Next I need to put a clear plastic window in the bucket.


Big something Brackets  ::  2015

Usually make cabinetry all day long, but this time it was cedar brackets.  These support an exterior entryway roof.  Was enjoyable to break out the mortiser & chisels.

One More Box – with some boxes inside

Single Custom Cabinet  ::  2015

Some good people bought a Home Depot kitchen, but needed a custom cabinet to match.  Above their stairway is an opening, the cabinet goes in there.

Baltic birch drawer boxes are 29″ deep.  Custom stain match birch drawer fronts & flange.  Plywood carcass.  All coated with Sherwin Williams waterborne lacquer.

The main carcass has to be assembled onsite – would not fit through doorways assembled.   The new slides from Blum allow for up/down, side/side, front/back movement.  The install was quick, just a little leveling of the carcass & scribing of the flange.


Japanese Marking & Veneer Knife  ::  2014 Visiting friends in Munich last week, I bought a knife at Dictum.  When woodworking as a day job, you need a knife in your pouch – your fingernails only last so long & grow so quickly. This knife will go in my tool pouch for general use & will require a sheath.  The cherry block has a dado straight through, with a walnut pin that stops the blade.   The dado has to open at both ends – this allows dust to be pushed out the bottom every time I put the knife in the top.  It’s finished it with beeswax polish. The Japanese steel is simply beautiful to look at & holds an edge well.  The handle & blade are the same steel, this seats in the hand comfortably.   Am looking forward to using this on a daily basis.

New Boots

Day Job pictures  ::  2014

2 projects I worked on recently for Millennium Construction.  Island & bench cabinets have MDF gables with solid wood attached on a 45 deg cut – makes a crisp line for painting.  The sink is a heavy porcelain farmers sink, so the cabinet structure is substantial below it.

Cutting in holes for LED spot lights & routing their wiring behind the cabinet so the transformer can be mounted inside the lower cabinet.  Transformers generate heat, have to be plugged into a receptacle, & cannot be sealed behind cabinetry.

Neverending Story

Shop Redesign  ::  2014

Moved most of the tools about, making more space for set-up & finishing.  The main duct line now collects at the back of the shop beside a new drying rack.

Drying rack is made of 2 french cleats, allowing each adjustable rack to move left & right.  There is also a heater on a stand, aiding in spray finish set-up.  The new waterborne lacquers are finicky about heat & humidity.

Machine base tables are on wheels, pulling them out to use, pushing back against windows when finished.  Overall I’m glad to have the extra space, having stationary tool positions hasn’t worked in this small shop.

One thing left to do – something productive.