More Power! (Jeremy Clarkson)

Trailer & Echo  ::  2016

Have found that I commute more than anything now, don’t need a truck, but want that lovely back end for hauling.  So I now have a reliable Echo, & put a trailer on it.  If I need a larger vehicle twice a year, a van can be rented.  Putting the hitch and wiring harness on was straight forward.  The supplier I used was Curt, but in hind sight should have ordered from U-haul.

When we were in Munich Germany 2 years ago, there were many small vehicles towing trailers.  This makes so much sense.  For the limited number of times I need to haul anything bulky, this is convenient and inexpensive.  And manly.



Wright at Buffalo

Frank Lloyd Wright  ::  2015

Darwin Martin’s house designed by FLW in Buffalo is a wonderful group of buildings.  A great trip celebrating my in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Memoire Morte

Site Saw Death  ::  2011

Much loved and faithful Dewalt DW744 passed away this evening, doing what she liked to do best.  Although 11/4 wood was ambitious for this spry and energetic shop citizen, DW744 did not shy away from the task.  Instead she chew through the lumber with zest and expired in a blaze of glory.  DW744 will most likely be survived by DW745 & Saw Stop.  So mote it be.

Crumple Crumple Roll

Woops  ::  2011

Black ice is not my friend.  Had a light rain on cold roads 3 weeks ago, about 40 cars were in the ditch in the immediate area.  I was one of those oh-so-lucky ones.  Was travelling about 70 km/h, and slowing down, rolled the truck when it hit the snowbank at 90 degrees, walked away without a bruise.  Completed my day at work.

First 2 photos are of the accident scene.  It turns out a former co-worker and really nice guy, lives at the property I almost hit.  This photo is courtesy of Bruce.  He shows this photo to people upside down first, and its pretty good until you notice the shovel.

Other pics are from the wreckers, Heather took these.