Rip & Tear

House Reno Starts  ::  2013

Single brick was insulaiton in the 1880’s.  Furnaces / stoves had no electric fans to move air.  Hot air ducts were large – & at the center of the house.  As hot air rose to the high ceilings – where it would reach the exterior cold walls – dropping to cold air returns by the windows.  Natural convection moved air in these Ontario cottages.

The framing was out of beautiful, thick, straight grained pine.  & the framing was often a little bit very scary.  Load points & weight distrabution was also very.  Luckily by the 1970’s we had a building code.

Our renovations start with making a ‘dust corridor’ through the center of the house.  We work on one room at a time.  Doors are moved to new locations.  Studs, rafters, joists are reinforced.  A double wall adds depth for more insulation.  Gussets bridge / tie the 2 walls together.  Insulation is 3″ spray foam, 4″ batts, & vapour barrier.  This is the ‘flash & batt’ system.  This is already the warmest room in the house.


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