Cabinet & Stain Samples  ::  2012

Minature cabinets for customers to see hardware options & construction quality.  One cabinet has Blum soft close undermount slides, the other has standard side mount slides.  The crackle finish is a surprise – the cabinet looks standard white, until you get close & see the texture.  The Doors are maple, but I want to try bamboo or an exotic wood later.  White face frame kitchens with wood doors are rare, but they really pop the grain of the natural wood.  It’s as if the wood grain has a picture frame around it.

The stain samples are all made from Lee Valley – General finishes – low VOC waterbourne.  Dye stains are hard to work with, but have a vibrant colour that highlights wood grain.  Pigment stains are easy to work with, but hide the wood grain a little.  Most of these samples have a bright red or yellow dye stain, with a pigment stain on top.  This way the background red or yellow colour comes through the top colour.  This gives the sample warmth & depth.


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