Spoil the Countertop – Spare the Caulk

2 Sink Vanity  ::  2012

Finished the install for bathroom cabinetry today.  Solid cherry doors with a medium dark stain, baltic birch drawer boxes, clear coated maple interiors, all water bourne low VOC finishes, all blum soft close hardware.  The structure is plywood, with base support directly under each gable.

Blum undermount drawer box slides are finicky to install, but when finished all drawer fronts close themselves to a home position – instead of several fronts being slightly closed, these always close to the same place.  This means the cabinet doors and drawer fonts look carefully positoned all the time, like a showroom cabinet.  Being undermounts, you cannot see the slides, they are hidden underneath the box.

The customers are a great couple in the city, they teach, play & repair musical instruments.  Later they will install a band of tile above the countertop.  The gap between countertop & wall is properly sealed – taping on either side of the gap before caulking is important.    This is a detail that should not stand out – because when it is done improperly (with a wide thumb smear of caulk) the poor job is eye-catching, especially when mould begins growth under the thin layer.  In this case, not noticing anything, means the job is done correctly.

This project was a good test of shop work flow.  Some corrections are now being made to accommodate 4′ X 8′ sheets of plywood, and door hing boring.


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