Really Big Jig

Vertical Panel Saw  ::  2012

First I cut a sheet of plywood on the table saw, so I have 2 parallel sides.  Now comes the tricky bit, how to cut it to length?  Without spending about $1800 (minimum) for a professional machine.  It is either time to spend a lot of money, or make one for super cheap.  Anything in between is going to be a waste of money.

This vertical panel saw only cuts 90 deg. angles – and cost less than $150.  It is made out of 1 sheet of construction plywood, 1 sheet of 1/2″ MDF, 1 track with positive stop, 1 length of hose to a vacuum / dust collector, 1 threaded knob & machine screw.  In the future I will upgrade the parts of this that wear out – with a metal fence & guide stops.

Operation is simple:

  1. remove the vertical saw guide
  2. place the plywood sheet on the bottom fence
  3. turn on the dust collector, making a vacuum table, holding the plywood in place
  4. put the vertical circular saw guide on, using the 1/4″ spacers at the top to hang it
  5. make the cut, turn off vacuum, remove plywood, check for square

This will speed the cabinetry up, and save me a few melt-down moments….


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