Finished assembly of the prototype, leaving 5 more to put together.  This project is for 6 solid wood cabinets that hold a telephone & books.

The idea is to put the phone book / address book on the top, the phone in that open space below, and the cabinet below is for storing stuff you need when going in and out of the house.  But the design is open to repurposing, making it useful for a variety of locations around the house.  Just a da** useful little cabinet.

These side and back panels are similar to my cutting boards, being narrow strips of wood glued together.  Time consuming.  The wood is from a local farm, and some of the components have cracks and other defects in them.  Instead of hiding these defects, I’ve decided to highlight them.  I’m finding that material that has been milled properly can display a crack or wormhole, and make the cabinet look more alive – that it came from something alive and was part of a natural process.  In a way it illustrates a literary concept of zeugma, in this case bringing together raw and refined elements.


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