Electrical Rough-in  ::  2011

New interior wall is up, electrical panel, and roughed-in wiring.  Rich came by to help pull some wire and drill holes, but felt awful part way through the day.

The interior wall has a large base & top plate with 2X4 verticals.  These verticals are offset, and each is 16″  O.C., so insulation will go between them.  Electrical is easy to weave between these.  Hopefully this will help with noise dampening, combined with a pair of doors to be made for this wall.  Noise will have to get out 2 sets of doors, and a whole lot of noise insulation.

Anyone who frames is going WHOA??  What?   The wall is over engineered – hugely.  I had some massive lintels left over, and thought, wth.  Why not?  They were cracked a little, and I didn’t want to use them on anything bearing real load – but sandwiched between is blocking, making this a solid and sound piece, that is supporting, umm, well, nothing.

& yes, that is a cup of coffee on the table saw.  That saw bed is resin, so no iron in it.  But I shouldn’t have it there out of habit.


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