Crumple Crumple Roll

Woops  ::  2011

Black ice is not my friend.  Had a light rain on cold roads 3 weeks ago, about 40 cars were in the ditch in the immediate area.  I was one of those oh-so-lucky ones.  Was travelling about 70 km/h, and slowing down, rolled the truck when it hit the snowbank at 90 degrees, walked away without a bruise.  Completed my day at work.

First 2 photos are of the accident scene.  It turns out a former co-worker and really nice guy, lives at the property I almost hit.  This photo is courtesy of Bruce.  He shows this photo to people upside down first, and its pretty good until you notice the shovel.

Other pics are from the wreckers, Heather took these.


3 thoughts on “Crumple Crumple Roll

  1. honey that looks pretty bad. Hope you got another truck of your choice and it was not too expensive that way. Love mom2
    ps hows your mom? Send her my email if you like – we can gab!!

  2. Holy crackers, Matt! That’s pretty amazing. I am so glad you’re o.k. and almost envious of what a brilliantly chaotic moment that must have been. All the sudden, I’m thinking about a theme park ride with a car – wreck theme.

    lol. A chiropractor’s nightmare to be sure. Well, I guess we don’t need any more extreme sports to be invented, do we?

    Be safe, ok?


  3. New truck arrived about 2 weeks after the accident. It’s a 2011, with more of the features we wanted. Am liking it better than the smooshed 2009.

    The theme park ride sounds do-able. Most peoples experince could be condensed down to taking their wallet and beating them up… I just paid 50$ and got a brand new truck. I prefer my ride. hah!

    This might be odd, but mostly I just felt focused and analytical. Maybe just a little bit more alive. Hope I’m not addicted!

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